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Where data meets imagination

A marketing agency that creates stories to express who you are while connecting with your most coveted audiences. It's about stirring emotion and inspiring action. The kind that leads to revenue.


Partners, not just suppliers

We are a team of visionary designers, curious problem solvers, and passionate collaborators, who believe that great designs are made when strategy and creativity work together.
Design is more than meets the eye. Our goal is not only to create designs that look good, but designs that serve a purpose.
We examine your brand from every angle. We look at the smallest details, bringing together market insights and business goals, to create a focused solution.

Simple, but impactful.

Crafting human connection through digital experience

Every day we take on significant business challenges that increase enterprise value.
Our aim is to set your brand apart from the rest. We carve unique spaces, and create a brand persona that’s relatable for your target audience.
We are a team of visionary designers, curious problem solvers, and passionate collaborators, who believe that great designs are made when strategy and creativity work together.

We believe in constant improvement that people come first that challenges are opportunities for growth in the potential of our clients that dreams are achieved by achieving goals that hard work pays off in good teamwork that failures and curiosity lead to success that mutual collaboration achieves results it's important to have fun in the process


Digital Experiences, Made Better

We’re a full service creative solutions agency, working collaboratively, strategically and instinctively to deliver the most compelling work for our clients and their communities.


To us, branding has to inspire action. That’s why we do the deep research, develop your unique brand story, then bring it to life in a way that cannot be ignored.

Optimization and Positioning
Brand orientation
Naming & Brand Creation
Development of relevance and impact
Strategy & Planning
Product Mapping
Competitive analysis
Logos / slogans
Visual identity
Brand guidelines
Normative manuals
Email signatures
Corporate identity packages
Designs for point of sale
Advertising designs
Packaging & Label Design


We’re artists with computers. Putting finger to key, we use a unique blend of UX, UI and maybe a little colors and shapes to create a lead-generating masterpiece that tells the world who you are, and shows visitors where to go.

Web development
Web design
Interactive design
Responsive development
Analytics tool implementation
Data visualization
Social Integration
Google Cloud Integrations
Personalized functionalities
Website maintenance
Landing page development
E-commerce / Catalogs / E-learning
Custom Web Systems


Do we like to win awards? In a word, yes. But first, it’s about winning hearts and minds. We create to get people talking. And sharing. And buying.

Product design
Packaging design
Corporate Identity
Event marketing
Editorial writing & design
Digital presentations
Social Media design
Custom Mobile Apps
Email marketing
Digital & Print Ads
Brochures, catalogs, posters
Digital & static displays
Social Media Advertising
Google Ads

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We are as much entrepreneurial as we are creative. So we’ll care for your business as we do our own.

We’re a team of creatives, thinkers and doers. We’re sincere and conscientious. We deeply care about our clients and the work that we do. We’re experienced professionals that will take your project to another level. Our success is the result of teamwork and the development of our technical expertise and creative style, providing a comprehensive service solution to our clients. We like to innovate, create, plan, grow and have fun!

Sergio Helguera


Communication through images and words is part of us as humans, a virtue or a gift that we have polished over the centuries. Technology today allows us to express ourselves in unimaginable ways, and I feel happy to be able to accompany brands to enjoy this world of opportunities.

Rodrigo Zarza


They say that being creative is "seeing the same as others but in a different way"; which is the faculty that we all have to create something and that we develop over time. And my jobs, my profession is my way of seeing things, a sample of my reality, of my experiences and experiences.

Get Free Professional Advice

Our approach is built on collaboration, commitment and caring, all with the goal of helping you and your brand achieve more. We offer you 30 minutes of advice from our professional team totally free.

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Testimonials of our commitment

The creative work of a person is always a relief for those of us who work on projects that require that sensitivity, but having a whole team of professionals proactively suggesting how you can have an impeccable image or identity... that, gentlemen, is extraordinary. Hola Tulum, grateful to Impakto

Darwin Carabeo Hola Tulum

Since 2011 Impakto Creative has helped me develop and grow my brand and organization. We went from being a small organization to having international recognition and this with the help of this agency. We have always received a pleasant, professional treatment and in a minimum time. I am sure that Impakto Creative can assist you with everything you need to develop your vision and grow your company or business.

Delilah Crowder DPC Ministries

They are a group of professionals who are very attentive to your needs and adapt all the technology in favor of your project, accompanying each step and being attentive to any questions or queries. Without a doubt our best option. The boucherie.

María Laura García Le Boucherie

Always one step ahead to interpret the needs that one has, creative, decisive and honest. Excellent treatment, always in contact in after-sales.

Ignacio Carballal Carballal Boats

I want to recommend to the entire great Christian community to my fellow servants and friends the Pastors of Argentina and other Nations; the excellent work carried out by Studio Impakto and its director, my dear brother. Sergio Helguera, seriousness, responsibility, creativity and honesty are some qualities that I can express. Churches, companies, SMEs and enterprises 100% RECOMMENDED!!!

Diego Ibañez CEO Ministries

I consulted for a job in several places, the attention was very good, without a doubt they have good creativity and design, I am very satisfied with the work they did, without a doubt I recommend it, and I would choose them again for another project. Thank you!

Pablo Araujo El Celta

Not only are Inpakto's professionalism and cordiality remarkable, but for a more than affordable cost, my business is reaching more people, which is why my work grows. Impeccable designs. The truth is that I recommend it 100%.

Ezequiel Pineda Tatoo El Lobo

Very good attention and predisposition when it comes to solving problems or responding to requests. I have been a customer for over 10 years and have always had good service.

Gabriela Giannazzo Giannazzo y Asoc.

Super satisfied with the work Impakto Creative has done for my business throughout the years. They has personally taken the time to work with my logo, website and graphics. I always receive great comments on the professionalism of my online presence, and I always brag about this team. Thank you guys for the amazing work you do every day for us business owners.

Sol Raudales CEO

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