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Transform your clinic's performance with our easy-to-use management system. Experience increased efficiency, improved patient care and better profits.

Increase efficiency and productivity

Simplify clinic management with our web-based solution. Manage schedules, patients, billing, and more in one platform.

Stomatolog and nurse in tooth clinic checking patient appointment looking at computer monitor. Stomatology assistant and teeth doctor discussing in reception of dental office

Take control of your clinic with our cloud-based management system. Streamline operations, access patient data, and automate processes. Designed to streamline your workflow and boost productivity, our all-in-one platform allows you to manage everything from appointments to patient records in one place.

Our comprehensive web-based management system also allows you to automate processes, saving you time and allowing you to focus on patient care. With features like automated appointment reminders, electronic billing, and easy patient record management, you'll wonder how you ever managed without our Clinic Management web system.

A system co-developed
by health care professionals.

Secured Patient Information

Restricted and individualized access for different levels of operations such as secretaries, operators, health professionals.

Customized Work Schedules

Assignment and management of customized work schedules for both medical professionals and operators.

Secure Sensitive Info Storage

Secure encrypted safekeeping of sensitive patient documentation, treatments and confidential information.

Efficient Medical Treatment Handling

Generation and management of Medical Treatments with assigned operators, values and detailed information.

Organize Patient Records Intelligently

Creation and management of patient records with detailed information, intelligent search engine and historical treatment archive.

Streamlined Medical Treatment Tracker

Assignment of appointments for medical consultations and recurrent treatments with intelligent notices, notes and files.

Patient Email Alerts & Shift Calendar

Automated email notifications for patients and real-time visualization of the active shift calendar.

Simplify Payment & Account Management

Current Account Management, Generation of Payments and Collections, issuance of vouchers, cancellations and reports per patient.

Say goodbye to manual processes

Automate Your Clinic with our Advanced Management System

Our web-based system has been designed with the latest technology to help you streamline your daily operations and improve your clinic's efficiency. With features that allow you to manage patient data, appointments, billing, and more, our system is the ultimate tool for modern clinics looking to succeed.
Our user-friendly interface and seamless integration make it easy for you and your staff to use, saving you valuable time and increasing your productivity.

take your clinic to the next level

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You get all the benefits of this online system specially developed for your clinic with the security of first class technical support and staff training.

Our commitment is reflected in the experience gained over the years in different professional spaces, discovering and analyzing the different needs to provide innovative and customized solutions.

By purchasing our online clinic management system you will have full access to all the above mentioned functions, as well as 24-hour technical support and professional advice for your staff.


Monthly payment USD 149

The price includes the initial setup + hosting on a secure server + security certificate + application of your brand's style line (logo, colors) + staff training with a maximum of 1 hour per month for 2 people + professional advice + 24/7 technical support. Minimum contract of 6 months. Payments are made per month in advance and include taxes.

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